Online Learning


Meeting Makeover

Transform the Way You Run Meetings

The ultimate framework to design effective meetings that boost productivity and team culture. In just 2 hours, you’ll learn how to cut your meeting time in half, command your team’s attention, move projects along quickly and have people actually enjoy meetings!

Supercharge Your Day

The *Secret* to Actually Getting Ahead in Your Workweek (without adding another huge thing to your to-do list)

Designed for driven women leaders, this 2-hour program packs a punch, teaching you how to manage your time more effectively and boost your career success. Supercharge Your Day is the ultimate framework for prioritizing your workday and increasing your confidence to take on larger roles—without guilt or burnout!

Career Growth Accelerator

Gain momentum with clarity

This coaching program gives you the power to cut through the noise to decide what you truly need to focus on for success – quickly and easily.

Every module is designed to give you clarity and confidence to
move into your next role with focus.

Amplify Your Executive Presence

Develop your influence, be seen as a rising leader

Learn how to develop your leadership foundation, executive presence and leadership brand to gain influence in an authentic way that brings your personal strengths to the forefront. You will develop your gravitas and confidence to be seen as a leader while navigating the social influences that women must contend with in order to be successful in our current environment.

Teams That Trust

Advanced Communication for Complex Teams

Next Skills Camp:

November 6th & 20th

Saturday 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific

The ability to work together interdependently is one of our least developed skills. Yet, it is the most vital in today’s landscape. The communication skill of connecting with others – and creating the emotional space for others to open up – requires deep trust. Without trust, leaders and teams struggle to achieve extraordinary results. In two 4-hour sessions, you will discover the underpinnings of trust and how to build trust at all levels.