Inner Leader Card Deck

Get a new perspective with the flip of a card!

Let these 54 cards help create little moments of clarity throughout your day. Give yourself the space and energy to open your mind to a more positive way of thinking.

$34.95 Retail

We created this card deck specifically for women leaders

They will inspire, challenge, motivate and help you explore what is happening at any given moment. 

There is no right or wrong way to use the Inner Leader Card Deck. The deck helps you view a situation in a way and aids in contemplation – all skills leaders use to think strategically. 

  • Select a random card daily for inspiration

  • Use as a journaling prompt

  • Get “unstuck” and see any situation in a different way

  • Choose 3 cards at the end of the week to reflect

Every detail of the Inner Leader Card Deck has been taken into mindful consideration to give you the best experience every time you pick up the deck.

  • Strong box for secure portability

  • 54 thoughtfully designed cards, printed on the highest quality cardstock for easy handling

  • Thorough booklet to get you started on general uses and exercises, so you don’t have to waste valuable time and energy if you’re feeling stuck on how to use the cards

Have a set at home, at work, or anywhere you find yourself needing a burst of inspiration and a reminder of your inner power and self-determination.

The Inner Leader Card Deck makes a considerate and gracious gift to the women in your life who may need a reminder they have the answers within themselves, so long as they have the tools to access them… especially if that woman is you!

With continued use of the Inner Leader Card Deck, you’ll discover your ability to get what you need from the cards will reveal itself faster and more effectively as time goes on. 

Inner Leader Card Deck

Get into the habit of thinking

We created this card deck specifically for women leaders. They’re designed to inspire, challenge, motivate, and help you explore and illuminate what is happening to you at any given moment.

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What others have to say

Real PeopleReal Results

Dhara P.

Vice President, Pharmaceuticals

“I could not recommend this program highly enough!! 5 is a high rating in my book.”

I have worked with Jill Avey in this leadership program for the last six months. Working with her helped me hone my executive presence and present myself in a complex world as a true leader which enabled me to land a position as VP in the Pharmaceutical industry. I’m extremely grateful for the patience, insight, and guidance that Jill provided through this comprehensive thought-provoking and life-changing program.

Natalie M.

Regional District Sales Manager, Healthcare

“If you’re thinking, "Can I afford it?" You can’t afford not to sign up.”

You will be taught pivotal things that will position you for major life and career growth. SisterSmart gives you everything you need to be a wiser, calmer, and more empowered leader, enabling you to reach and exceed that next level in your career, life, and relationships.

Nicolle L.

Accounting Manager, Large Metropolitan Transit Authority

“I wish I had discovered it when I was younger!”

I really enjoyed the program and got a lot out of it. I have been sharing how helpful it is just to be able to step back and reevaluate where you are going. It encouraged me to explore where I am at right now and realize to move forward I need to be willing to sit down and get to know myself, not just in my personal life but in my career and relationships at work.

Mari S.

CEO, Scientific Consulting Firm

“I loved the program so much that I brought my whole leadership team into the program.”

Jill has worked at the executive level of business. She's done a lot of research about psychology and what women's strengths and weaknesses are and how they can fit into a formerly male-dominated world, but be themselves.

I joined because I was really impressed with her. Jill has a way of being very upfront and honest, but in a way that you trust her right away. And then, people started commenting how they saw changes and how I was maturing my leadership skills. I am playing to my strengths more, having difficult conversations with better outcomes and delegating better. And, I am taking time to think strategically on a regular basis.

The Inner Leader Card Deck is a perfect self-reflection tool. I first used it during my Personal Strategy Retreat as a way to kick-off and end each day. I would pose a question to myself, which could be any topic like: prioritizing my values, carrying through on my commitments, overcoming a problem at work. Then I would choose a card at random which, without fail, always brought up a pertinent point that allowed me to think through my question in a focused and/or refreshing way.

I also loved the aesthetics of the cards, and how they felt in my hands. It felt very natural to then pick up my pen and paper and journal down my thoughts with the card in front of me.

Tanya L., Director, BioTech