About Our Founder, Jill Avey

Hi! Jill here.

Today, more and more women are gaining opportunities to succeed in their fields. I love working with women, and I'm thrilled to coach them in this exciting new age of equality.

Nothing motivates me more than empowering women leaders with the right skills to set them up for tremendous success in their roles.

Together, we bolster the leadership pipeline for women and break through archaic barriers!

Through my dedicated coaching practice, I help amazing women to increase their productivity and outcomes without running themselves into the ground.

My mission is to help accomplished women leaders reach their full potential with my tried and tested system.

But let's rewind a little bit to how I got here…

Before I became a coach, I worked as an executive in the corporate world.

So trust me when I say that I know what it's like to be a woman in a male-dominated environment because I experienced it first hand!

I understand the challenges women face as leaders, particularly in smaller-sized businesses.

After starting out as one of the few women beating the streets in office equipment sales, I landed in the ski business. It was the epitome of the "Boy's Club" mentality where women only worked in the clothing part of the business called 'soft goods' or administrative assistants.

While it was a pretty tough place for a young gal to make her way, it was at this job that I met my long-time mentor, who helped guide my career and believed in me at every turn.

For example, I have him to thank for encouraging me to apply to one of the top business schools for my MBA.

I used this job as a stepping stone to the more women-friendly outdoor sports business.

The outdoor footwear brand that I helped build was run by a small group of supportive men who allowed me to grow.

But even so, I think these men would be shocked to hear that they were my inspiration to go to business school. I knew I needed to learn how to present myself differently because I didn't feel that my ideas were taken seriously… I felt dismissed and talked over.

Thankfully, it worked, and my experience at Columbia Business School was the boost I needed to move on in my career.

I went on to have much success marketing consumer products, ultimately reaching the level of Vice President.

I've always been interested in psychology and brain science, stemming from my undiagnosed ADHD and the desire to find an answer to my troubles. (I was diagnosed late in life, much like too many other women whose inattentive symptoms go unnoticed for far too long).

It turns out that I was preparing to be a coach all along!

I discovered my love for understanding what makes people tick and act the way they do, especially in times of pressure or stress.

Now, I help others rise through the ranks and have a more powerful impact on their teams and organizations.

Now that's the serious stuff out of the way, here are a few little personal tidbits:

• I have a beautiful big white dog named Kingston because he came from Kingsville, TX. (He didn't know how to walk upstairs when he moved to Seattle.)

• And, I have a little dog named Abigail. She was found in the California desert with a pup (who got adopted to another family :)

• I love to camp and hike with my husband and dogs. We get out to the mountains all summer in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Hi! Sara here.

As a Certified Professional Coach, I’m credentialed through the International Coaching Federation.

I’m also a certified Group and Team Coach (yes, this work is great with intact teams!) and Mentor Coach (which means I help other coaches become better).

I hold supplementary certifications in the Positive Intelligence Program, TILT 365 and TILT Personality Profile, DiSC, Energy Management model, Birkman, Inside Out Coaching, Voice Dialogue, and Health Coaching.

That can feel overwhelming, but not to worry, we don’t use all of these modalities in our sessions. However, I do pull on them as resources to support each unique client.

Drop me an email at sara@saraspencercoaching.com if you want to learn more about my coaching style and process.

Also, to see if my coaching modality and style is right for you just schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Coaching Session.

Hi! Lisa here.

I have worked extensively with international leaders and teams in purpose driven companies to maximize performance, growth and fulfillment.

With a foundation of fluent English, Spanish and French, and a tapestry of customized offerings that are wholistic and practical, I enable leaders and teams to access their individual and collective insight, wisdom, and courage to clarify and bring to life their most cherished goals and aspirations.

My coaching background includes leadership coaching, developing high performing teams, facilitating cross-functional collaboration, and elevating whole systems performance.