Sisters In Leadership

Accelerate your leadership success and unleash your full potential

Next Group Starts in January

Take your career and leadership skills to the next level while you connect with other incredible women leaders. This 6-month transformational group coaching experience is perfect for busy professionals who want to create their own success. You'll be guided to make changes in your world and learn the ins-and outs of leadership without having to do it by trial and error.

LEARN TOGETHER and find your tribe

The Effective Team Leader

Improving Collaboration And Relationships Through Advanced Communication

Bring this Skills Camp to your workplace or Women's group

Teams that have psychological safety are able to achieve extraordinary results, and in today’s landscape, the ability to depend on one another is crucial. Without an atmosphere of trust, leaders lack confidence in their team – and teams have a harder time achieving goals together. In two 4-hour sessions, you’ll discover the foundations for creating an environment where people feel safe enough to be vulnerable. You’ll learn how to connect with others and develop interpersonal communication skills to build a healthy workplace culture.

Amplify Your Executive Presence

Develop your influence, be seen as a rising leader

Bring this Skills Camp to your workplace or Women's group

Develop your leadership skills and presence by leading with your strengths! In two 4-hour sessions, you'll learn leadership skills to boost your brand and expand your impact. This comprehensive program will help you unlock the leader within, while also analyzing how gender affects leadership opportunities through societal expectations. Elevate your position at work with this highly engaging, interactive course that will give you the tools you need to get ahead.

The Overwhelm Cure

How to Conquer Your Overloaded Schedule

in 4 Weeks

Next Skills Camp Starts in January

As a busy woman leader, one distraction after the next demands your attention. You don’t know where to start or how to focus on what really matters to take your career to the next level — until now. The Overwhelm Cure is a 4-week coaching program that will give you the power to cut through the noise to focus on what's most important for your professional and personal success. Through awareness, clarity, and actionable steps, this course will help you create a professional and personal life that feels successful, fulfilling and meaningful.